No matter who you are, you're not alone

Who Are We?

The Trans Family Network (TFN) is a new, volunteer-run nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting volunteers across the country with members of the trans community in need. We are a non-profit group of volunteers who are aiming to combat anti-trans legislation with a network of love, support, and understanding.

It is our hope that vulnerable members of the transgender community can find a helping hand here – be it financial, emotional, or functional. We will do our best to provide a platform to facilitate real connections between these people and a wealth of passionate and active volunteers.

Although this website is aimed at assisting transgender people, anyone can volunteer to help! We would like to empower everyone, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation, to take the initiative to make a difference in real and impactful ways.

Version 1.2 of Our App is Live!!!

Click here to check out the brand new features in the Trans Family Network's App, including a chat feature as well as advanced alert and matching tools!

View our press release here!

This document outlines our mission, drive, and goals for this organization and beyond!

How Can You Help?


Visit our "About" page to understand our team, our motivations, and how to make the biggest difference possible!


Peruse our onboarding materials to learn how to receive or provide assistance in a safe, effective, and professional way


Once trained, fill out an application, await our approval, and hit our message boards to connect with others!


Visit our resources page to find useful materials on advocating for yourself or a loved one in the face of transphobic legislation.

Contact Us!

For volunteering inquiries, interview requests, and all other questions, send us an email!

We are looking for volunteers to help us with day to day operations as well as for permanent members of our team. We especially encourage trans people experiencing multiple forms of oppression to apply.

For interview or media requests, please explain the nature of your proposal in detail and ensure that you are operating with journalistic integrity. We will not hold any space for journalists who want to ‘both sides’ trans rights. 

Lastly, our web app is still in its launch phase, and so we are expecting bugs and small errors to pop up as folks use our site. If you encounter any issues, please use this form to let us know the nature of the error and we’ll do our best to fix it. Thank you!