Our Mission

The Trans Family Network believes that every trans person, regardless of their race, age, gender, legal status in the US, or disability has the right to live a safe, affirmed, and empowered life. Access to community and connection is essential in building resiliency and finding support – and the most privileged of us, especially cis people, have a responsibility to those of us in need by joining the fight for our rights. As an organization, we strive for transparency, equity, and a margin to center approach by uplifting and empowering the most vulnerable members of our diverse community.

We connect members of the trans community in need with people who want to support them in impactful, direct and personalized ways. Trans people, as well as the guardians of trans minors, can register their specific needs regarding financial, legal, emotional, shelter, or transportation-based support in a safe and effective way. While maintaining privacy and full control over the entire process, supporters can offer aid specific to their own circumstances. By connecting people in need with supporters able to offer appropriate resources, we create an opportunity for all of us to stand up for each other and make a meaningful difference in the lives who need it most.

How It Works

Our connections are made through two sources – a user (who requests assistance through our online request portal) and a supporter (those who sign up to offer assistance). Both sides must go through an application process to be approved which ensures the applicant is real, honest, and acting in good faith to ensure the safety of our network.

Once approved, our algorithm will send alerts to supporters when a new user request is created which matches the supporter’s offer type. A support can offer money, temporary housing, emotional support, or access to information and resources. Individuals can still register on our website without applying to these groups and will be placed on an email list to stay up to date with our organization’s development. For more details on how to move through the application process and be a successful supporter as well as how to get the most from our site as a user, please see our ‘Getting Started’ page.

Meet The Team!

Founder & Outreach/Legal Coordinator

Founder & Outreach/Legal Coordinator

Lyra Foster (She/Her)

I'm an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. While my primary practice isn't in social justice, I fight for incarcerated trans people in my pro bono practice. I'm one of the first openly trans attorneys at a major firm. I've been lucky enough to gain notoriety for using my social media platform for advocacy, legal analysis, and commentary about the Star Wars prequels. By virtue of my sizeable following, I sometimes get to sit as a guest at the big kids table with the lawyers who are doing the real work. I based the original concept of the Trans Family Network on abortion resource lists that have been around in women's rights circles for decades. I'm probably the world's most prominent defender of Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy, but I admit there isn't much competition. I live in Decatur, GA with my dog and four cats who seemed to materialize miraculously right when I came out as trans.

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Front-End Web Developer / Project Lead

Front-End Web Developer / Project Lead

Michaela Gallucci (She/Her)

I am an engineer, scientist, and queer activist working to bring trans visibility across the biotech and sustainability sectors of S.T.E.M. I am a transgender woman, bisexual, and am constantly active in advocation for trans rights & medical care. My background is a Master's in Chemical Engineering, self-taught programming, and robotics, and I am passionate about using technology to make connections and provide aid in ways we normally couldn't. I have designed multiple websites for both climate change and transgender activism and run a YouTube channel where I communicate science and showcase my inventions to inspire others. A huge nerd, I typically spend my free time playing strategy games (Go, Poker, & Magic: The Gathering) with friends and brainstorming new robot ideas!

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Back-End/Systems Web Developer ("Empress Of Systems")

Back-End/Systems Web Developer ("Empress Of Systems")

Jaylin Bowers (She/Her)

Hi, I’m Jaylin!  I am an entrepreneur with a long and storied history of building organizations, teams, and tech products. I have a background in software engineering, network engineering, devops, systems automation, and product management. When I saw this project, I immediately knew I had to be a part of it. I set about building the infrastructure to support the Trans Family Networks mission with haste. When I am not saving the world one IP address at a time you can find me adventuring in the wilderness or cooking four course gourmet meals for my partner and dog.

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Project & Volunteer Manager

Project & Volunteer Manager

Laur Bereznai (Any/All)

I am a political scientist, community organizer and queer activist working on intergenerational trans community building and peer support networks. I am the founder and administrator of the TransPeerNetwork, an global online peer support network for trans and non-binary people. My academic background is in identity construction, diasporas and the rhetoric of right wing populism in Eastern Europe. I mostly grew up in Hungary and Germany and currently live in Michigan. I am a long distance hiker and photographer, love thoughtful, narrative driven video games and sci-fi in all it’s forms (especially work by N.K. Jemisin and Octavia E. Butler).

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